30 South Eyewear was founded in South Africa in 2017, by childhood mates, Richie and Jamie. Between them, their endeavours have included professional sailing, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, kayaking, kite-surfing, and MTBing to name a few. To find out about their World Record crossing of Zambia's Liuwa Plain, check out the Blog.

Carrying numerous pairs of sunglasses on your adventures can be tedious, so we created one style for every occasion; comfortable and tough enough to withstand you pushing your limits, keeping your eyes safe with the highest grade polarisation, AND looking sharp enough to wear to the after party.

Why 30 South?

The 30 degrees South line of latitude spans the width of South Africa, from the Indian Ocean in KZN to the Atlantic Seaboard of the Cape. A few degrees either side, and you encompass the entire country, if South Africa had a centerline, it would be 30 South.

Our sunglasses are designed right along that circle of latitude, in KZN and our products also aim to run along the centerline of the county. Suitable for everyone, they are made to the highest quality satisfying the top end trendsetter while the price remains affordable to all.