Stay Adventurous this Lockdown

April 9, 2020

We live in a digital age, and although nothing can replace the feeling of flying through a single track MTB trail, summiting a Mountain or paddling into a wave; we are fortunate that we have resources at our fingertips to keep our minds and our bodies active and adventurous even during lockdown. Here are 3 ideas to stay adventure ready, and come back stronger when the outdoors beckons again.

Listen to Adventure Podcasts

Just because we are currently confined to our homes, it doesn't mean you shouldn't get the adventure juices flowing. South Africa is now starting to jump on the Podcast bandwagon and there are some brilliant ones out there, and not just on adventure.

Two of the best to get you started are:

The Further. Faster. Posdcast - Interveiws with some of the most extreme adventurers on the planet, exploring why people take on these sorts of incredible challenges.

The Mpora Podcast - Run by former Surf Europe editor Paul Evans and experienced Aussie surf expert Ben Mondy. It’s about all things outdoors though, not just surfing, and is great fun.

Grab a Cup of Coffee, and get inspired with a podcast and your feet up.

Learn a New Skill or Hone the Skills you Have

We are never too old to learn new things, or too good at something to improve.

Surf? When was the last time you worked on your pop-up technique? Run? How about all those prehab/stability exercises that you know you should do, but don't have the time for? Want to travel to France next ski season? Why not learn some french online, while practicing your wall sits to strengthen those legs.

Being stuck at home these days might be a drag, but the world of information is now available at the touch of a screen, why not find something you want to learn or improve, and go for it?

Get Adventure Fit

In any other time, referencing serial criminal Charles Bronson would probably be inappropriate, but the man is living proof that you need very little other than time to condition your body to a very high level. Years in solitary confinement saw him develop bodyweight workouts that are as mentally tough as they are physically exhausting.

Fortunately, there are now a lot more resources available, and a quick search of google, youtube or instagram and you will find exercise programs that suit your level and the equipment that you have available.

The situation we are all in is out of our hands, but what we do with the opportunity given to us isn't. So be inventive, be imaginative, and be proactive, because you will be out there adventuring again soon, and if you play your cards right, you could be more ready for that next adventure than ever.
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