What is the 30 South Lifetime Guarantee?
Our reputation is based on the highest quality products and unrivaled customer service. That's why your Sunglasses are covered by the 30 South Lifetime Guarantee.

The 30 South lifetime guarantee applies to The Originals, OriginalsRX and the Maverick Ranges, and covers the product in case of Manufacturer's Defects and Accidental Breakage. If your Originals or Mavericks, break, send them back to us and we will repair them free of charge. Simple.

The 30 South Lifetime Guarantee does not cover lens scratches, wear and tear, abuse, misuse, alterations and loss or theft. You can read full terms here.
Are the Wingman Sunglasses covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?
The Wingman Range is covered by the 30 South Warranty against manufacturer's defects, but not the Lifetime Guarantee. That means that should your Wingman Sunglasses arrive to you in anything other than perfect condition, then we will fix or replace them, free of charge. However they are not protected from subsequent damage or breakage.
What are the measurements of each 30 South product?
30 South Originals and OriginalsRX are 55mm lens width, 18mm bridge, 44mm lens height, 137mm arm length and 140mm total frame width.

30 South Mavericks are 60mm lens width, 18mm bridge, 46mm lens height, 135mm arm length and 147mm total frame width.

30 South Wingman are 57mm lens width, 19mm bridge, 55mm lens height, 139mm arm length and 140mm total frame width.
Do you charge for shipping?
We ship South Africa Wide, for only R60, and we ship orders of above R550 free of any charge.
Do you offer prescription lenses?
Unfortunately at this time we do not offer prescription lenses or inserts for our sunglasses. Aftermarket lenses are available from opticians, however inserting them into 30 South frames will void the Lifetime Guarantee.
What is your Returns Policy?
If you decide you don’t like your 30 South Sunglasses for any reason, you have 30 days to return them to us in their original packaging and condition for a full refund, no questions asked. We will even cover the cost of the return. Make sure you email us first at info@30southeyewear.com to let us know and arrange shipment details.
Can I Exchange my 30 Souths for a different pair?
If you want to exchange your 30 South Sunglasses for a different pair, you need to return the original pair to us within 30 days, and you may be required to pay any difference in the cost of the sunglasses. Make sure you email us first at info@30southeyewear.com to let us know and arrange shipment details.

Unfortunately we cannot credit you the difference in price should the exchanged pair be of lesser value than the original pair purchased.
Do you sell in Shops?
Currently 30 South products are exclusively available online at 30southeyewear.com. Keeping third party retailers out of the equation means that we can keep our prices down, and keep our customer service up.

If you are unsure of how 30 South Sunnies may suit you, have a look over on our Instagram page to see the styles, and remember, you can always return them if you don’t like the way they look on you.